Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show 2014

Another year, another great Stafford show and the ’28 Model 90 makes her first appearance in polite society.

Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show 2014

It went to the wire but John Phizacklea pulled out all the stops to get the bike ready in time for the 2014 Stafford Classic Motorcycle show. After abandoning the grid-locked M6, John faced a tortuous 3 hour cross-country journey that coincidentally took him right past the Wolverhampton Sunbeamland factory. Perhaps fitting that the first journey of the newly rebuilt bike should include the place where it was first constructed. Finally arriving at 6pm we quickly unloaded the bike and set it up in the private entries area from where, after a final polish, we were shortly ejected.

1928 Sunbeam Model 90

We are incredibly pleased with the final result and hope that the bike is a fitting testament to the skills of the “holy trinity” who made this possible.

Of course Peter Woodward must take massive credit for the bike and he is responsible for the detail, accuracy and authenticity of the majority of the components and engineering on the bike. Not withstanding the quality of the major elements of the bike Peter’s touches are everywhere that you look from the ’28 only angular profile of the silencers to the double-curvature mudguard washers to the English Lever toolbox lock.

The crank and cases in particular needed serious attention and without Chris Odling’s vast engineering skills and experience we would have been in some serious trouble. Chris must have the patience of a saint to put up with my constant badgering but despite this, he found the time to put together an engine and gearbox package that should last another 80 years.

And finally, John Phizacklea despite suffering my interminable phone calls, perhaps even more than Chris, has pulled it all together. The wheel building alone was a mammoth exercise as the spoke nipples are individually hand turned to match the profile of the original Sunbeam items. Not only does John have the engineering background, experience and capability to do the 1001 jobs needed on a project such as this but the bike is topped off with a coat of John’s trademark, deep black liquid gloss paintwork.

1928 Sunbeam Model 90

Thanks guys.

Norley Lightning progress

Rapid progress has been made by the guys at Norley and the rolling chassis is looking good and actually nearing completion.


One of the next challenges is the petrol tank which needs to accommodate the air filter and leave space for the electrical systems needed for the fuel injected motor. The idea is to have vents at the front of the tank that will force-feed air under pressure to the intake. Fuel tank capacity is likely to be measured in pints rather than gallons!


Quality rear-sets from a 70s Kawasaki have been “adjusted” to fit and certainly are in keeping with the bike whilst an offset rear-sprocket takes care of the chain aligment.


Replica 1920-1930s Pennant Vintage tax disk / tax disc holders

The latest project coming to fruition is a limited edition run of 50 Pennant replica tax disk or tax disc holders. They are UK made from solid brass using a beautiful original Pennant as a pattern and feature the Pennant logo on the rear of the holder. Be warned, they are a seriously weighty item!

As we’re all worried about global warming and the resulting floods, the holder is bang up-to-date with the tax disk sealed from the elements in its own rubber pouch. Available in nickel, chrome or un-plated brass they will come complete with a bracket and stainless fasteners.

Please contact us for prices or visit the shop more information.