Annual Sunbeam Rally 2013

A beautiful weekend for the annual Marston Sunbeam club rally this year with some iconic models on display before the Saturday morning run out.

With the damper at the top, the druid forks fitted to this beautifully restored bike would date it around 1930. The twin port head suggests Model 90 but the valanced mudguards point towards Model 9.

This immaculate restoration won John Phizacklea an award at Stafford this spring. The bike is John’s take on the perfect Sunbeam green-laner. You can see more of John’s works including the amazing 95R on his website :

Ready for the off, a magnificent site with the sun beaming down.

This rare 350cc Model 10 made an appearance having been ridden down by the owner from Runcorn. It seems the Model 10 shares few parts with other Sunbeams but its smaller dimensions create a stylish, sporting lightweight.