Ride it like you stole it


It’s good to see our friend Carsten Conrad isn’t shy about using his bike as the maker intended. The eagle-eyed may notice the modern rubber which he prefers having covered around 1500 miles last year, often riding in company with more modern machinery. Averaging 54km/h over a 220km ride on back roads and through small towns hints at some serious throttle abuse.

Perhaps not surprisingly he is now looking for more performance from the motor: “The bike runs good but not yet enough”.  With a new piston, genuine TT90 head fitted with large valves and his own valve guides, the target is now 30hp. I suspect that it won’t end there…


I recently donated my own spare Amac 10MDY to a worthy cause but if anybody has one that they could pass on to replace Carsten’s Amal 27/013, please drop us a line to and we’ll put you in touch.