Sunbeamland shop now open for business

A variety of items are for sale on the new Sunbeamland shop. I will be adding new items over coming months as I get around to photographing them should the shop prove effective. Other bits and pieces will go via the eBay route. The parts are a mixture of vintage Sunbeam spares and assorted vintage motorcycle spares for bikes from other manufacturers.

The first items up for grabs are not actually vintage spares but were, until the arrival of sparkly new ones, my spare pair of Honda RS250 NX5 cylinders.

Back on track with vintage parts we are also, selling on behalf of a good friend, a rather lovely Amal T10TT. Not sure what this would be from, maybe Norton or Velocette? Any information would be appreciated.

We are always interested in acquiring vintage spare parts, particularly for Sunbeam and Rudge motorcycles.

2 thoughts on “Sunbeamland shop now open for business

  1. Hi
    I have a Sunbeam 1935 250cc.It needed another rocker box as the hairpin springs ate the other and it was cut and modified,(with roller bearings).The spare rocker box that I was lucky to find many years ago has just been fitted, but the head bolts dont line up too well.Has anybody had this problem before.I am looking for a valve lifter,or at least a pattern of one if somebody can help.Maybe somebody can use the cut rocker box for bits if they can find me a valve lifter mechanism?

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