Sunbeam Model 6 Longstroke and Lion pistons now available

Due to a technical problem (I forgot!) the 77mm Model 6 longstroke pistons weren’t available in the shop. I only have a few in standard and +0.040″ oversize so please get in touch if you need a high quality forged piston in your 1925 to 1929 vintage Sunbeam sidevalve.

They can be modified by Chris Odling for use in later engines with the recirculating oil system.

I’m building a 1927 Model 6 motor at the moment that came with a 1928 Model 6 that I purchased recently and one of these should work very well in the new engine.

6 thoughts on “Sunbeam Model 6 Longstroke and Lion pistons now available

    • Hi Steve
      Sorry, I only just read your post. The piston rings only fit the pistons that I have had made in the US I’m afraid. Have you tried Cox & Turner

    • Hi John
      Did you look in the “shop” here I think I have standard size? If you need anything in a hurry I’m away until end of Jan though. I’m pretty sure I’m out of 40s though but can have a look when I’m home.

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