Buell-Norton becomes The Burton

Buell-Norton, The Burton

Here we have the latest pictures of the Buell-Norton hybrid that is slowly becoming known as The Burton. After Paul had the new tank made and fitted the fuel pump / header tank the bike was ready for collection from the Norley workshop at Aberystwyth. There’s a lot of work yet to be done but as we wheeled the bike into the van it quickly became obvious that the look and proportions of the bike were “just right”.


The capacity of the hand-crafted aluminium tank is necessarily somewhat restricted by the air filter and fuel pump arrangements but it blends well with the seat unit and rest of the bike. And with the head-down, backside up riding position I’m guessing that regular fuel stops might well be a blessing.

With Nigel being keen to keep development moving forward at a pace, we spent the evening at the pub preparing a (s)hit-list for ace-restorer John Phizacklea to take a look at. Early the next morning we headed up to John’s well equipped workshop where my own ’28 Sunbeam is currently on the bench awaiting a few finishing touches.

John Phizacklea vintage motorcycle restorations

John usually specialises in considerably earlier bikes from the vintage and veteran eras so this American-British conglomeration should provide an interesting diversion. And all his imperial spanners will fit too, which is very handy indeed as there’s an awful lot of work to be done before the bike is complete. From guards to wiring, exhausts to paintwork the job is really just beginning and in the next photo we can see Nigel showing John the height of the pile of cash that he thinks will be needed.







5 thoughts on “Buell-Norton becomes The Burton

  1. Fantastic looking Norton/Buell.

    I have one myself in the early stages.
    It’s got a 2002 XB9R motor which was fuel injected originally.
    I’m just unsure of where to source a front sprocket and the most suitable carb and manifold.
    Can anybody in the know help me with this ?
    Thanks, Adam.

    • Hi Adam

      So sorry for this but I didn’t get to see your comment until today. Happy New Year and I hope your project is going well. I will check with Nigel about your queries as he is the guy responsible and I do know that he sourced an offset front sprocket from somewhere…

      • Hi Adam

        Nige says the sprocket with 3/4″ offset was supplied by Harley Davidson for £80’ish from a Sportster. His bike is fuel injected so no idea what to do with the carb I’m afraid.

    • See my post below on this topic, Be aware that while the later XB motors are superior in many ways, the earlier Sportster style motors in the Tube frame Buells retain the original style Cassette style transmissions. You can even get a 6 speed cluster from Baker Drivetrain if you want to spend the Dosh. However to access Trans internals on a XB motor requires splitting the cases. Not a deal breaker by any means, but research the differences of these motors.
      In some cases you can use XB parts on a earlier Sporty type motor, and vice versa if inclined, But the XB motor is the pinnacle of development and certain years have certain issues. Spend some time researching tech topics on the linked Buell forum. Cheers

  2. Hi, was looking at Buells online via the XB Buell forum as I own quite a few Buells and Sportys see: http://www.buellxb.com/Buell-XB-Forum/General-Motorcycle-Chat/Custom-XBRR-rebuild as there is a discussion about a very cool JPS tribute bike. As a British bike owner with many vintage Triumphs BSA’s and Nortons as well some modern Nortons (952 prototype and 961) I spotted a image from this on a image search. Im building a similar bike using a 2001 S3 Buell and a vintage Norton Wideline frame, Avonaire fairing and other bits. I own some XBs as well and can assist your Adam Neale on many tech aspects. You CAN fit a carby, either a CV or the much superior Mikuni HSR. There are adapter manifolds as the cyl spacing is different in EFI motors, Also can use earlier Ignitions, But you can also swap late XB heads and cams into earlier motors as they are the best out there but be advised timing marks are different for the cams but easily done. Beware the oil pump gears, and Trans issues, there are adapter kits for chain drive as well, but the Belt is a sweet setup IMHO. More info? Just ask. Cheers!

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