Sunbeam Model 9 pistons now in stock in the Sunbeamland shop


I’m pleased to report that a rather pretty box containing a small batch of low-compression Sunbeam pistons arrived this morning. Like the 7.5 :1 CR Model 90 versions produced earlier, these are a lightweight forged item but will give around 6.5 : 1 CR depending on the head and barrel combination in use. Targeted at the Model 9 it is suitable for late 20’s early 30’s 500cc OHV bikes and we have limited availability of both +0.020″ and +0.040″ over-sizes.


Our research showed that the weight of Model 9 pistons varies surprisingly depending on both year and manufacture. After collecting and checking pistons from Marston, Heplex and Specialloid a target weight of 400g was achieved for the new item – including rings, pin and clips.

Once we have given the new arrivals a good look-over we’ll be making contact with those who have already reserved their pistons. So be quick if you don’t want to miss out!

7 thoughts on “Sunbeam Model 9 pistons now in stock in the Sunbeamland shop

  1. Queries: 1. Please advice price and availability for std. bore piston to suit Model 9 eng no L2496. 2. Do I have to join any particular club to buy spares from this site? 3. Do you send spares to Australia? (I am in Jamberoo NSW). Thanks John Jennings

  2. Hi Sean

    So far so good with the new piston ,taking her steady ,only done a few miles sounds crisper, no smoke,decided to use SAE 30 for the first few miles while the weathers colder.


  3. Hi Nick

    That’s good news, I’m pleased to hear that its going well. As you say, take it easy for the first few miles and then it should be good to go. We did specify low-tension oil control rings on these pistons as a little bit of oil in the top-end is no bad thing for the valve gear. So, if you do see a little smoke now and again, that is to be expected. We’re thinking of having some pistons made next for the side-valve Sunbeam Longstroke 500c models.

    • Hi

      That’s an interesting idea. Maybe one for the club to think about? I know that Les Hobbs who runs the Marston Sunbeam club spares has some experience in this area and would be the first person I would talk to about this.

  4. Hello I need a piston and rings for my model 9 ,1936 bore size plus0.030″ but be happy with a plus 0.040″,hope I am not to late.
    Best regards Dennis Wright.

    • Hi Dennis
      I’m back from South America 1st week in Feb. Sorry can’t do anything until then which is why the sunbeamland online shop is closed. Apologies for the inconvenience. Did you try Chris Odling?

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