Sunbeam Model 9 from the Land of the Rising Sun

Many thanks to Takeshi Okazaki for getting in touch and sending some photos of his rather splendid and original 1927 Model 9 now being well cared for in Japan, some 6000 miles from its Wolverhampton birthplace.

Sunbeam from Japan

Sunbeam from Japan

I’ll let Takeshi give a little bit of the history of the bike that he now uses for long-distance touring…

“I was lucky enough to obtain this 9 two years ago from a famous dealer in Austria who specialized British Vintage Motorcycle.  Based on documents accompanied, the 9 was owned previously by Mr. Brian Wise in UK, and detailed observation on the 9 revealed that it had received careful treatment by Mr. Wise with much of love and enthusiasm for the motorcycle.  I am so pleased to own this motorcycle, and thus think to pass it to the next owner like Mr. Wise did.”

1927 Sunbeam Model 9

Spares and information are difficult enough to source here in the UK but the challenges further afield are significant. As Takeshi so succinctly puts it ” “Far East”,  which indicates “far from information” in case of my Sunbeam”  It’s great to see these bikes appreciated by enthusiasts around the world and I hope we can help with information and useful contacts.

Takeshi also has a friend with a 1931 Model 9 and hairpin spring head and I hope we can see some photos of this bike in the future. In the meantime perhaps it could be time for the Marston Sunbeam Club to start a new far-east section?

1927 Model 9



2 thoughts on “Sunbeam Model 9 from the Land of the Rising Sun

  1. Hi, this ‘beam is truly beautiful. is it still available?

    Please contact me at j o s h u a . f o u L q u i e r (Remove spaces!)

    • Hi Joshua

      I’m sure Takeshi would be delighted to hear your kind words and it is indeed a beautiful bike. However, I’m not aware that the bike is for sale at this time but would certainly put a note on the site if that became the case.

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