New forged Sunbeam pistons arrive at Sunbeamland

Sunbeam Model 90 forged piston, pin and rings

This little beauty arrived today and I couldn’t wait to put a post up on the blog here at Sunbeamland. It is the first from the box of a batch of forged Sunbeam Model 90 pistons. It is modelled on an original Sunbeam 7.5 : 1 piston and, unlike some alternatives that are available, weight has been controlled so that the combined weight of piston, pin and rings closely matches the original.

Sunbeam Model 90 7.5:1 piston

Next job is to bore a spare cylinder to suit either of the +0.020 or +0.040 sizes we have produced and get some testing done before winter sets in.

Sunbeam pistons and cylinders


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