VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes


Brough Superior SS100

A fine sight indeed. And the Brough looks good too. Kenny had a fine time on the SS100, taking no prisoners on track and making the most of the fabulous weather. The Brooklands cans were made especially for the day and gave the bike a magnificent bark to match its bite. Of course Archie couldn’t be kept off track completing all the sessions on his 1928 Sunbeam Model 90.


One or two other ‘beams were spotted around the paddock, for example this tidy Model 8 saddle tank looked purposeful and is presumably an easy starter without its decompressor. Not sure of the year but druid forks and saddle tank would could mean 1930 or so.


I also spotted this gentleman seemed once or twice having fun on his twin-port Model 9 but didn’t manage to get any on-track photos.


With lots to see both on and off track, this really is an event for all the family.


But for me, the day really belonged to Nottingham’s finest. The Brough just never fails to impress and it is a credit to Archie and Kenny who use it in the way that they do.


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