ex-Graham Walker 1927 Sunbeam Model 90

Carsten was kind enough to send me some photos and information about the history of his fascinating Model 90. The eagle-eyed may spot that it is the same bullnose 90 featured in Robert Corden Champ’s book “The Sunbeam Motorcycle”.

This fine looking machine is reputed to be the one ridden by Graham Walker at the German Grand Prix. I presume this would have been the Grand Prix d’Europe at the Nurburgring in 1927 as Walker left for Rudge at the end of the year. As it happens, amongst other successes Sunbeam did go on to win the German GP in 1928. Bought from the UK in the early 60’s by race bike collector Dr. Helmut Krackowizer, the bike then did time in Austrian Walter Brandstetter’s Race Bike Museum before moving to the Hockenheimring Race Museum in the mid-1980s.

It seems Carsten has had a few issues along the way and, although outstanding a few parts, the bike is now running with a spare 1927 gearbox. I really hope we get to see Carsten’s bike over here in the UK one day soon.



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