Lucas SS49 MDB /MDB 1 Magdyno

Lucas MDB Magdyno

I have been thinking about lighting kit for the ’28 Model 90 and came across this original Lucas document on the usual auction site. The title is : Running Instructions For The Lucas “MDB” Magdyno Lighting And Ignition Set for Motor-Cycles 1929 Equipment. So, I scanned it and posted it here in case anyone else is interested.

Lucas MDB 1 MDB1 Magdyno Running Instructions 1929

I think I need a Lucas SS49 headlight or headlamp to be correct for the year, there are some very nice replicas available from Vintage Replica if I fail to turn a genuine one up at sensible money.

2 thoughts on “Lucas SS49 MDB /MDB 1 Magdyno

    • Hi Richard
      I’m glad you find the information useful but, sorry, I don’t have any additional information about the bearings. My MDB 1 magneto was overhauled by DH Day in Wiltshire who may be able to advise?

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